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Company Profile

Company Name @more Co., Ltd. (At More Co., Ltd.)
Address Aiwa Plaza 10F, 1-2-17 Omoromachi, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture, 900-0006 Japan
Telephone number 098-869-4200
Representative Kaori Kato, Representative Director/CEO
Date of Establishment September 23rd, 2011
Capital ¥9,000,000 (Yen)
Business Description Esthetic/Beauty Salon Management, Cosmetics, Beauty Ingredients, Production and Sales of Beauty Supplies,Raw material wholesale, health product development and sales, OEM, ODM
Office Address Naha Office: Aiwa Plaza 10F, 1-2-17 Omoromachi, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan
Beauty Salons: Ishigaki City, Okinawa & Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture
Branch Name Esthetic Salon Diet & Beauty, Miyara no Yakata
Employees 13 employees (As of October 1, 2019)
Banks of Transactions The Bank of Okinawa
Bank of the Ryukyus
Japan Post Bank (Yucho Bank)
Advisory Tax Accountant Tomoko Iramina Tax Accountant Office
Affiliated Organization Small to Medium Business Entrepreneurs Association of Okinawa
Suppliers Glory International, Co., Ltd.
Supply Handler Flora
Address: 659-2 Iida Town, Minami Ward, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Telephone number: 053−466−9211

Kaori Kato

@more Co., Ltd. CEO Kaori Kato

Graduate of Sugiyama Women’s University(Sugiyama Jogakuen University) - Department of Registered Dieticians Kaori has 16 years of experience working in hospital providing nutrition guidance, engaged in fundamental treatment for dieting and symptomatic improvement of many people by nutritional guidance such as obesity, improvement of metabolism, adult diseases and allergies, giving actual results. At the age of 35, by obtaining a diploma she encounter the splendor of esthetic techniques having wonderful effects, and developed unique slimming methods that combines esthetics and nutritional guidance. Currently she still stands at the workplace, keeping continuous research to obtain the real healthy body, a process to lose weight, and she is gaining a lot of appraisal from women struggling with physical reform.

The Idea Put into ‘@more’


The word ‘@more’ was created from a combination of French and English.


‘amore’ (meaning love in French)
The meaning of「To love」

People live in the interval between selfish and altruistic. Our own persona desires and compassion towards others.
People’s ultimate happiness is not to seek reward, but unconditionally love and take your life to your caring person.
Treasure yourself and care about the caring people.
This both directions love makes us feel happy together with the people surrounding us.
Precisely because the world overflows with a lot of things, care about yourself, treasure everyone who supports you and spend heartwarming days.
@more had put such feelings in the word of amore.


@more "More, more than now"

Now you are in your youngest moment in your life. Every moment you are getting older.
Let’s improve ourselves and keep on improving our minds and body "wishing to become more like this" "wishing to do more like that", becoming curious, keep thinking about "myself is now little better than myself a moment ago" and let’s brush-up ourselves to become more lovely.
That is the thought that has been put in @more.

@more will continue strive to be a company that can deliver beauty and healthier days to everyone.

Toward everyone's health and beauty ahead,
beautiful people are both beautiful in mind and on the way of thinking.

health and beauty ahead

Through our products, we hope that everyone will have pleasant and positive days,we will offer new information together with our distributors, dealers support,and we will cherish the connection of our hearts with our customers.

From Okinawa we will deliver our thoughts, listening to everyone’s voices, through a better information exchange,we will develop new products and will repeat product improvements for further development of good products,(and) we will continue to devote our way to improve our services to satisfy everyone.

Also, we will not forget the appreciation to everyone, with ambition and desire to learn,along with our employees we are sincerely willing to work for the development of health and beauty industry.

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