» Ryukyu Silhouette Cream 37.1℃ Pro*Plus

Ryukyu Silhouette Cream 37.1℃ Pro*Plus

37.1℃ Pro*Plus

37.1℃ + 120g:¥19,440/37.1℃ pro 400g:¥30,240

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「37.1℃ Slimming Body Warming Body」
37.1℃ Slimming Body by Ionization To a Fat Burning Era

Deep ocean water is rare sea water taken from the mysterious sea floor where sunlight cannot reach.
All around the world for 2000 years, the abundant minerals contained in the sea water have been said to be very necessary for the human body. Nowadays, it is said as body temperature continues to drop, the body temperature becomes colder and there are many people enduring chronic illnesses as a result. Sea water mineral iontophoresis effects induced by platinum and the penetration effects of body slimming component W raise metabolism, soften hardened fat and tension and brings out heating and fat burning effects. In an advanced diet theory, it is not only necessary to raise the temperature of fat to 37.1℃, but also muscles and internal tissues, as well, and raise metabolism by increasing immunity function.

The 37.1℃ Series warms tough, hard cellulite and stiff muscles and is a state-of-the-art cream for burning fat.

Interior Content 120g(Standing Tube Type)
Country of Origin Japan
Expiration Date 3 years from date of manufacture
Storage Conditions Please keep in cool, dark place and avoid high temperatures, humidity and direct sunlight.

Basis of Safety and Security

  • ️Petroleum-based Oils
  • ️Synthetic coloring
  • ️Saturated Fatty Acids
  • ️Synthetic Fragrance
  • ️Sedimentation in Oils

Absolutely no synthetic preservatives are used.

Recommended for

Main constituent




Metabolism Increasing Ingredient:Platinum
Platinum exerts strong antioxidant power, increases collagen and elastin fibers and guides resilient skin. It also has melanin whitening and spot fading effects and power to protect the skin from aging, roughness, sunburn caused by ultraviolet rays and more.

Heat Generation

Heat Sustaining Ingredients: Heavy Metal Compounds (Derived from Treated Water), Tourmaline, Nephrite, Bentonite, Kaolin


Disassembly and Burning of Fat Ingredients: Glaucine (State of the Art Ingredient Developed in France), Mate Tea, Coffee Extract

Beautiful Skin

Organic Okinawan Mineral Ingredients: Refined Deep Ocean Water, Ionized Sea Silt, Getto (Shell Ginger)

Lighter Skin

Moisturizing Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid Na, Hydrolyzed Collagen



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Timing of use and compatibility with each device and treatment

Before Hand Massage

It is a warm, feel-good experience. Fat burning, blood vessel dilation and softening of the muscle tissue all in a treatment with strong effects.

Before Suction Equipment

To soften muscle tissue and alleviate pain.

RF Waves

Easily warms deep within and increases the effects of the treatment.

After Cavitation

After wiping off the gel and applying before the hand massage, lymph nodes expand, and the excretion of waste products is promoted.

Furthermore, fat metabolism is activated by the penetration power of 「ω9derivative」


ω9 series of unsaturated fatty acids(derived from castor oil)

Ricinoleic Acid/Oleic Acid/Linoleic Acid/Linolenic Acid
   Features) They combine with active oxygen, which promotes aging in the body and prevents the oxidation of fat. Increases metabolism of fat, body metabolism is activated and effective towards the diet.

Effective towards the diet


1、Castor Oil

100% vegetable oil taken from castor oil beans. It is harder to oxidize compared to other natural essential oils and has high stability.

4000 B.C.
1. Internal medicine (stomach medicine, constipation medicine, heartburn): good to drink
2. External medicine, cosmetics, soap (strong anti-inflammatory, antibacterial): good to apply

2、Cetyl Ethylhexanoate

An emollient ingredient with safe moisturization.
Effects towards the softening of the skin’s surface and applying a moisturizing film on the surface.
Compared to ordinary oil, there is no stickiness and the feeling of smoothness is superb.
Also for sensitive & impressionable skin. It is highly moisturizing and safe.

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