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Ryukyu Diet Power Shake

―Can lose 3kg in one week!?


The Diet Power Shake continues to support our slimming salon’s achievement results. Those results have been demonstrated by the accomplishments of our customers. It’s a powder supplement blended with what is necessary to lose weight and to make wishes come true. The basics of a diet are to burn unnecessary fat on the body and maintain the important areas, such as the bones, muscles, and blood.

Ryukyu Silhouette Cream 37.1℃ Pro*Plus

―Slimming Body by Ionization To a Fat Burning Era

37.1℃ + 120g:¥19,440/37.1℃ pro 400g:¥30,240

Deep ocean water is rare sea water taken from the mysterious sea floor where sunlight cannot reach. All around the world for 2000 years, the abundant minerals contained in the sea water have been said to be very necessary for the human body.

Ryukyu Silhouette Stem Lotion

―A Cosmetic Revolution, New Generation of Skincare


Plant Stem Cell Face Serum
The plant stem cell culture component is a purified component of physiologically active peptides secreted by stem cells.

Ryukyu Silhouette Soap

―From ‘Cleanse’ to ‘Adjust’, a New Era of Bath Time


With just one of these, your bath time at home will change into ‘exfoliate’, ‘tightening’ and ‘moisturize’ care time.
It is a completely new type body soap, with carefully selecting ingredients of Okinawa that changes usual bath time into beauty time by combining body slimming ingredients and exfoliating with foaming salt and Okinawan kucha soil.


―Do Not Mind-Carbohydrate restriction

5g×30 package:¥10,580

It is a diet support enzyme juice. You don’t need to drink the bitter, green juice ‘aojiru’ any longer. With the aim as ‘Delicious health to be continued on a daily basis’, we have finished creating a drink of high quality and high concentration of purely Okinawa grown Miracle Tree 『Moringa』blended with island mulberry, isomaltodextrin (slimming bacteria), bromelain and other new ingredients.

Moringa Power Shape

―Aim for Balance and Clear Beauty

90 tablet:¥5,180/180 tablet:¥8,420

27 types of naturally rich Okinawa island vegetables and leaves of Moringa the ‘Miracle Tree’ which has 90 beneficial elements plus lactic acid bacteria, oligosaccharide and candle bush.

Moringa Raw Materials

―Available for Purchase High-Grade Organic Moringa Raw Materials From Ginoza Village, Okinawa

Please inquire the price

In the far south of Japan, subtropical Okinawa is suitable for growing Moringa. It is possible to purchase these raw materials made from high-quality, organic moringa grown in Ginoza Village, Okinawa.Please contact our office for inquiries.

Ryu-oh Black Turmeric Z

―For the you who wants to always be healthy and in your prime!

200mg×300 tablet:¥10,580

Black turmeric is also said to be black ginger.Unlike ordinary turmeric, the surface of a cut root shows a vivid, purple color, rich in anthocyanins and contains an abundant amount of amino acids, such as methoxyflavone, selenium, arginine, etc. and full of strong antioxidants.

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